Giving Pie a Bad Name

I love pie.  Apple pie, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, coconut pie, pecan pie, really goopy, syrupy  pecan pie, cherry pie and blueberry pie.  I love meat pies, too.  When you break the pastry, thin as the ice  in  April, and underneath is all this steaming hot life energy, and, like a pizza, it is just the  right size and shape.  I even have tremendous appreciation for pie spelled  without  the final e, that Greek letter that symbolizes the most irrational  of  all  irrational numbers, which we  need to calculate the area of a circle, but whose lack of completion means we  can  never do that with perfect  accuracy, it’s like one of the mysteries of the universe, a timeless paradox.

But, I do not like Ajit Pai.  He is giving pie a bad name.  Net only does he reverse Net Neutrality (of course, there will still be challenges and court battles, but he certainly seems to have gotten away with it in the short term) but he’s made a video about  it, just to rub our noses in  it.  Like “You’ll  still be able to post pictures of kittens and stuff,” when he knows as well as we do that people are a lot more worried about controversial content being blocked, sneaky charges  being added, advertising being prioritized over information, and a general slowing  down in the ability to spread  new information and  ideas.
And he does it all  with a smirk and some silly  costumes and internet graphics.  Smarmiest prick since Martin Shkreli, and that’s saying a lot.

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