Gamer Uses Cops to Kill

I get into arguments on Facebook fairly frequently.  I believe that a free exchange of opinion is healthy, and being forced to justify my positions tends to strengthen them – or sometimes to change them, which is important, too.
Very often, in the midst of these arguments, people will call each other idiot, or asshole, or Nazi collaborating spawn of Satan.  It happens.  People even threaten to unfriend each other, and often do.
Do people sometimes take politics too seriously?  Perhaps.  But nowhere near as seriously as gamers take their games.  Check this link: The short version is, two guys were trash talking each other during a game and one told the other he was going to call  the police on him (I guess he was losing the game) and the other said ha-ha, bring it on and gave him a fake address. So, the guy did call  the police and gave them that address and so they went there and shot the man at the door, because that’s what police do nowadays.
Now, I certainly think the guy who called the cops is guilty of manslaughter, at least, and the cop should  be  charged with murder, although they never are, but this is a whole new wrinkle on cops killing people and it needs to be looked at.
Is that all it takes to kill somebody?  Just call the police, make up a story, and voila,  your nemesis is dead.  It’s even relatively easy to do it anonymously, although the guy in question  in this case screwed up that part.

The American police, in their willingness to kill  anybody, anywhere, for no reason at all, have become a blunt instrument for others to use.


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