Shit hole

Well, the short fingered, cheeseburger in bed eating, vert stable genius in chief sure put his foot in his mouth with his “we don’t want any immigrants from shit hole countries” comment.

I think the longest lasting effect of that, however, is that now they can say shit hole on television.  It’s not as bad, for instance, as mocking a disabled reporter, or the Mexican rapists comment, or the ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ tape, any one of which would have ended a politicians career in a more civilized era.  But, we are not in a civilized era.

It’s not as if he’s going to lose followers over it.  His followers eat that shit right up.  It’s not as if they’re going to be able to impeach him over it.  It’s not technically illegal to say stupid, racist stuff and, besides, they don’t have the votes.

There is plenty of justification  for impeachment, of course.  They had enough to impeach over after the first weekend at Mar a Lago.  Using the office for personal enrichment is textbook corruption.  If the Democrats had had any balls (or were anything other than the Republican foils a lot of us think they are), the movement to impeach would have started right then.

So, just add this to the extremely long list of extremely stupid things this extremely stupid man has said, and wait until tomorrow.

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