Jeff Sessions v. Hillary Clinton

Someone posted today that they thought all the brouhaha over Trump’s ‘shit hole countries’ comments was a deliberate diversion from the  fact that  an indictment, a big old 11 count  indictment, had been issued in the Uranium One case.  Well, I had to admit, I hadn’t even heard  about the  indictment yet, so I thought  maybe he had a point.  So, I looked it up and sure enough, it’s true.  Although the indictment doesn’t actually name Clinton, it’s a beginning.  And, as much as I hate having to side with Nazi-elf Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who would absolutely love to see a pot smoker like me behind bars, as long as he’s going after Hillary, I’m happy.  It will distract him from his ridiculous fight against the good  herb, and it  will distract her from doing anything more to proactively destroy the Democratic party, so  it’s a win-win.

Now, one of those ‘shit hole countries’ Trump was talking about was Haiti, and the Clintons are involved there, too (see Eberwein, Klaus, murder thereof).  Bill fired back today at charges that Clinton Foundation funds paid for Chelsea’s wedding (which doesn’t really matter – the point is they never made it to Haiti), but it seems Bill is parsing his words again.  Wikileaks was ready  instantly with their rebuttal to his rebuttal, saying they never said ‘funds,’ they said ‘resources.’  So, they are savvy enough  at this money laundering game that actual cash doesn’t need to change hands.  Depends on what the meaning of  is is.

I’m just hoping both sides go  down in flames, and we can get a few progressives elected in  the next couple of rounds.

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