The Women’s March

O.K., the women marched yesterday, several million of them, apparently, and in many different cities.  Signs were carried, I’m sure speeches were made, and women felt very validated to be with so many other women who all approved of women being women.  I’m sure there were some men there, too, because a lot of men approve of women, and giving more rights and powers to women, and then of course there are some guys who will say absolutely anything to get laid, but I’m not sure that old tactic is working for anybody  in this case.  I don’t know.  Out f the millions of people involved, it probably worked for somebody.

What now?  Were any causes advanced?  Did they decide on a slate of candidates?  I doubt it.  I’m sure there were a lot of Hillary loyalists there, and some Tulsi supporters, and all of them claiming to be part of the same resistance, which isn’t really possible.
I suppose a lot of friendships were formed, and phone numbers exchanged, and those are  good things which can help people to organize down the line.  I don’t want to be too critical because I’m sure it was very important to everybody who was there, but I don’t know that it accomplished much.  I  don’t know  if street protests ever accomplish much.
We need to get some progressive candidates elected this year, but I’m still not sure we agree on who those candidates should be.  So, we’ve still got a long way to go, and we haven’t even started, really.

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