The Book Takes Shape

It wasn’t a terribly productive day, but I made progress on a couple of fronts, although the first example might not be progress at all, it’s putting one foot in front of another but this might just be footsteps in the swamp, pulling the boot  out of one suckhole and straight into another.  That is, dissatisfied with the feedback at one poetry site (approx. 800 members, and generally no one comments on anybody else’s poems except for a couple of guys who just seem to delight in being exceptionally nasty in their negativity) I decided to switch to another (membership about 20,000) and, so far, it looks like much  of the same thing, but we’ll see.

Then, I finally got the Table of Contents done on my next poetry book, and I feel very proud  of  myself because I took one poem out even  though  it was a long one and thus healthy  for the page count but, I must admit, it was  not  a great poem and, due to the line  length, it really didn’t fit in with  the rest of the book.  I’m generally a kitchen sink sort of guy so I’m quite pleased with myself that I am able to toss something aside  and give the book a bit more consistency and literary integrity.

Then, I was talking with a friend and he mentioned that you could designate your books on Kindle for  a giveaway once a month or so.  Not sure if that will increase  readership much, but I might just  give it a try.

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