Joe Kennedy

4 or 5 days ago somebody on one of my Bernie (or maybe Tulsi) pages posted a post which predicted that Joe Kennedy was going to give a standard DNC talking point speech and the same people who went gaga over Oprah would jump right on the Kennedy bandwagon.

Boy, was he ever right.  With nothing but the Kennedy name and the Kennedy face, he’s being mentioned as a presidential contender, following right in the footsteps of Oprah, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and anybody  else the DNC thinks can distract progressives from actual progressive causes and checking whether or not aforesaid individuals actually have progressive voting records.

Well, they don’t.  Young Joe Kennedy is every bit as much a tool of the pharmaceutical industry as Corey Booker is.  He didn’t support Sanders Medicare for All proposal, and he has a lot of stock in an evil pharmaceutical company which charges an outrageous price for a life saving drug.

The thing the Democrats don’t realize (or, more likely, are willfully ignoring because their political futures, their 1st class seat on the gravy train, depends on them ignoring it) is how much things changed in 2016.  Of course, progressives were awakened, and galvanized.  A lot of us (me included) had actually bought into the bullshit about how America was a right wing country and we needed to compromise and things like universal health care just weren’t realistic, and it was a beautiful thing to realize that it wasn’t true.  That there are millions and millions of people, maybe even a majority, who support a very wide range of progressive positions.
Another thing, which is also thanks to the internet, is it’s incredibly easy anymore to look up somebody’s voting record.  It’s not even to difficult to find out who their donors are.

I can’t predict how this civil war in the Democratic party is  going to play out, but we’re not putting up with the bullshit any more, and that’s just a stone cold fact.

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