Pineapple Express

I do not want to write about the Nunes memo, because I hate writing about things I know nothing about (doesn’t mean I never do it) because there’s always the chance I’ll say something stupid, and then they pounce.

Of course, at this point, not much is known about the memo at all.  Sure, it’s been made public (I guess the version he gave to Trump, which is apparently different from the version he showed to the House) but we have no way of knowing if any of the charges therein (mostly, as I understand it, that the FBI is being really mean and unfair to Donald Trump) are actually somehow related to the truth, or if they’re made up completely.  My money is on the latter, but I doubt it makes much difference.

So, let me write about the movie I just watched, Pineapple Express.  It’s strange.  I’m sure a computer algorithm might look at movies I like and predict I’d totally love this one.
It’s a stoner movie and I’m  a stoner.  ‘Saving Grace’ was hysterical and ‘The Millers’ was really funny in parts except for the total sellout ending.

Also, I really enjoy stupid comedy.  Love the Three Stooges.  Love Jim Carrey.  Love about half of Adam Sandler’s stuff.  Hated Big Daddy.   Loved 50 First Dates and Anger Management.

So, it’s kind of surprising, but I’m not a big fan of Seth Rogen.  Just too many jokes about body parts, I guess.  The film definitely had some funny moments but James Franco, who had the best  lines, delivered them so  slowly – because he was really, really stoned – that you laughed before the joke was told and were ready to move on already.

The coolest part was the recap, when  they’re sitting  in the diner all  burnt and seriously injured and bloody, talking about how they’re going  to be best friends forever (Rogen, Franco, and one other dude) and Tommy Lee Jones is sitting  at the table  behind them, reading a newspaper.  Never says a damned word, was just there.


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