John Moody Blues

It’s hard to know where to begin  with the statement by Fox News editor and executive John Moody.  He said that the U.S. might not win as many medals because there are too many gay people and black  people on the team.  He said they want to change the motto from Faster, Higher, Stronger to ‘Darker, Gayer, More Different.’

First, for all of you people over the years who’ve complained about political correctness:  this is the kind of moronic, racist, homophobic, inflammatory statement that political  correctness has been saving us from for the last couple of decades, up to Trump.  In the year 2000, anybody who said anything this crude and offensive would have been out of a job the next day, and unemployable ever after.  And suddenly they aren’t embarrassed about  saying moron stuff like this in public any more.  We should  make sure we remember their names.

Second, it’s really a dumb statement.  I hope I’m  not stereotyping too much myself but I  suspect a lot of  guys in  figure skating (which is essentially ballet on  ice) are gay, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ladies on the women’s ice hockey team are, too.  Greg Louganis is gay, and he brought home plenty of medals.  And Caitlin (formerly Bruce) Jenner in the Decathlon.  Didn’t any of us see that coming.

And black people.  Probably  for  all  of his life, this guy’s been waiting for a white heavyweight champion in boxing.  He may have even sent hate mail to Hank Aaron when he broke Babe Ruth’s record.  I’m sure he pines for the day all negro players stayed in the negro leagues.
Thirdly, our team is way more white than the average population.  That doesn’t bother me, although it is a reflection on our society.  Winter sports.  You don’t have a lot of black skiers or hockey players, partly because these are expensive sports, not often practiced by kids in the ghetto, and partly because, as the black guy said in  the greatly under-rated John Candy film ‘Canadian Bacon,’ “It takes time to totally dominate all professional sports.”  Tennis and golf used to be thought of in those terms.
In short, this guy is not just a racist, he’s also a moron.  A racist moron.

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