Just a Couple of Thoughts

I’m sick of writing about the NRA, but death threats to survivors of a mass shooting, because they are arguing against guns, is seriously low.  If anybody is entitled to an opinion on this subject, it is them.

Also, they are proving, by this very activity, that gun lovers are maybe a little bit  psycho and should not be trusted with guns.  It’s sort of like  when a guy threatens a girl with  physical violence if she leaves him.   It totally validates her reason  for leaving him.
Of course, I’m not claiming that this  has been an official action of the NRA, but it  may well have  been done by their members and it was absolutely, 100%, done by their supporters.  So, screw the NRA.  They deserve to stop existing as an organization.

On another subject, I’m  glad to see Dianne Feinstein get snubbed, but the press (and the DNC) is still  ignoring David Hildebrand, the Berniecrat in the race.  The story is that Kevin DeLeon beat her, by more than 10%, at a Democratic party convention, in a vote to  see who would get the party’s endorsement.  So, they’re not  going to endorse anybody.

Which, actually, is how it should be.  Why should the party endorse one candidate over another in a party primary??  That is an attempt to over-ride, even to pre-empt, the will of the people.  Not cool at all.

Watched a bit of the closing ceremonies in  Pyeongchang this morning.  It  was a pretty good Olympics, some great  performances, some humorous pratfalls, no huge scandals except maybe an incidence or two of  doping and that’s nothing to  get excited  about any more, and, as witnessed in the closing ceremonies, the Koreans know how  to put  on a great show.

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