Tomorrow’s Poetry Night

The weekend is over and it went by  in the blink of an eye, tomorrow is Monday and I just realized that it is a poetry Monday, the first Monday in the month.  I think  I am  getting a bit slack, a bit jaded, a bit casual because there are so many readings happening around town, and partly because I  am writing so  much online, mostly short, quippy poems as comments which I  wouldn’t even  bother reading in public or  saving to  a book, but the whole idea is  to keep  pumping them out and hope that one is a gem now and again. As Edison said “The best way  to have a good idea is to have 10 ideas” or something like that.
I’m kind of torn actually about what I’m going to read.  I could put together 5 or 6 poems I haven’t read yet, but there’s none that I think are really super duper brilliant and I hate going in without something special, because even if I have something brilliant the response is often meh, and how can  I expect any better reaction than that from the audience if  I’m not wildly enthusiastic myself.  Or, I could read some poems from the book whose working  title is “Disappointing Poems From a Different Dimension” but I’m probably going to change that, too self deprecating and pompous at the same time, but the idea is that I take the opening line from a famous poem and then just write something ridiculous, I’ve got two or three of those new since the Spit-it-Out reading and would read a couple of those that worked best there.
The big idea I have for my next poem, but it hasn’t gelled yet, is about how we are diurnal creatures and we feel comfortable under the daylight sky, this atmosphere where we have evolved is like a womb and the human race won’t truly be born until we leave this planet and sail  out to the stars, because the day sky limits us to  Earth, but the night sky goes on  forever.

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