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Well, the next free Kindle book giveaway is up.  Four Syllables on Water, which is one I’m particularly proud of, because I worked out that meter with reason and logic and stuck to it throughout, and yet most of the poems wound up rhyming pretty well anyway and, in the process of writing poems about water in it’s various states of existence, I think I tumbled across a true statement or two, and I love it when that happens.

re the Mark Zuckerberg hearings, I don’t get this.  If a law was broken, then it needs to be tried in a court of law.  If no law was broken, then congress should butt out.  I’m not making a comment pro or con re Zuckerberg or Facebook, I just don’t see how it’s any of Congress’s business.  They are pretending to be protectors of the people, but the country is crumbling around them and they aren’t doing shit about it.  Interviewing Zuckerberg, which will  have no real result, is like naming a Post Office or deciding that May 6th will be National Asparagus Day or whatever.

Just had a seriously unpleasant conversation on Facebook.  The original poster put up a little  meme attacking some poetry for being too trivial, like a bumper sticker, like a meme.  I raised my objections, because that’s the kind of poetry  I  write.  Then another person, who’d put in  a comment above mine, heaping praise on the OP for his thoughtfulness, said ‘What are you talking about?  I never said anything about poetry.”  I  pointed out that the original post was all about poetry.  Then the original posted jumped back in, with a semi-coherent and ungrammatical diatribe, the gist of which was “Don’t argue with me, mate, you’re an asshole.”  So, I blocked the site he  was sending from for thirty days, because that was all I could do, and then I noticed later that he’d liked my comment, and sent me a friend request.  Weird, eh?

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