The World We Want

Now, anybody who’s read this blog more than once or twice knows that I  am disdainful of what’s on TV.  The entertainment channels are just one damned cop show  after another, History channel is all about people going to auctions and bidding  on literal junk, people driving trucks  on ice or across the Australian outback, people buying and selling or fixing cars, and it’s all accompanied by a lot of people  yelling at each other.
Anyway, another problem I’ve got recently is that the 4 or so entertainment channels I get in English have recently been flooded  with programs in French and, for some reason, Turkish.
Turkey is a very interesting place.  One foot in Europe, and the rest in Asia, but the point where they connect is Istanbul, which has been at the center of world history before and may well be again.  So, it bears  watching.  The other day, with  nothing interesting on any of the other channels, I watched a show in Turkish.  Well, I kind of left it on in the background, not understanding a word.  But, one thing struck me.
They may have a majority Muslim population, they may have terrorist groups representing ethnicities Americans have never heard of, they may have hamams, and kebabs, and sell cucumbers on the street as a snack food, which is kind of cool, but on TV they wear nice clothes, drive nice cars, live in beautiful homes next to the water, own the correct glasses for  drinking wine, and play scrabble. Bollywood does the same for India.
So, wherever their culture sits on the East-West scale, they want that dream of the Western  life, at least the parts about material success.  TV doesn’t actually  portray  us as we are, but more as we want to be.
And who in the world, who in their right mind,  doesn’t want that life.  Clean drinking water, hot showers every day, plenty of leisure time to have leisure, and beautiful  women wearing  lots of jewelry.  It’s great.

Here’s the kicker.  We could have that.  We could have that everywhere in the world,  we could have that beginning pretty much right away.  Within a couple  of years, tops.  We have the technology.  We have the work force.  We have the raw materials.

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  1. Russell Watson

    It’s a bummer you don’t get to see the full selection of TV that I do. I feel like I’m in the middle of a TV golden age with the best shows that have ever been produced. I agree there’s plenty of dreck (sp?) too, but most of what comes out of a diamond mine isn’t diamonds. I don’t necessarily agree that TV represents much that’s aspirational though. Otherwise, one could say we aspire in the US to be dealing with tons of hit men and zombies. 🙂

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