Rot in Hell, Babs

Barbara Bush is dead, which is something that happens eventually  to  everybody, and she dragged it out longer than most.  I hadn’t really  thought about  her for years.  I still feel  great bitterness toward her son, and will  seriously celebrate the day of his death, and her husband, who  was also a war criminal and the nicest thing that anybody can say about him is that he wasn’t as stupid as his retarded progeny.
Babs, herself, was fair monstrous in her own right, although it didn’t get noticed as much because she didn’t actually hold any office.
But, she said things like “why should I worry my beautiful  mind about  it,” referring to the inevitable dead  Iraqi children who would come to be as a direct result of her family’s insatiable lust for oil, money and power.
She said, disdainfully, of evacuees from New Orleans after Katrina, that they’d never had it so good, while they were sleeping on cots in a stadium with thousands of other desperate souls.
She was, in short, an arrogant piece of shit.
I know it used to be said that one should not speak ill of the dead, but I’m not observing that old nicety any more.  If you spend your life committed to making the world a miserable place, you have to expect that people will curse your name at the moment of your death and far, far into the future.
Still, it was getting awkward.  I didn’t want to argue with everybody on Facebook.  So, I just started unfriending anybody who was speaking nice about her today, except of course  for people who I actually communicate with regularly.

I got rid of 5 or 6 people.  Won’t make  much  of a  difference, but I feel lighter.

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