Notes on a Bike Ride

We went for a bike ride today, it was in some ways a lovely bike  ride, we cruised along a little stream, through a lovely  park, stopped for a snack, then again for some ice cream, then…I  had to walk  the bike  home because my chain  broke.

It was weird, just poking along when I heard a ‘bang!’ and then my feet were turning the pedals but I  could feel there was no  connection to movement and since I was going uphill  at the time, that was an immediate stop.
But there was one moment I wanted to write about  and  that was before the chain broke, we were stopped in the park.  Had a ham and cheese sandwich, a small tomato, and a cup  of tea, then  walked over to the little brook.  I began to think of it as a river, which is what it would look like to  little people, like, you know, hobbits or leprechauns and whatever, and I guess part of the reason that whole meme (old meaning of the word) is so prevalent in human folklore: because there are streams, and  children like to play beside streams.  They are like practice rivers.

And that led me to think of scale; the streams are  dwarfed by the rivers, and the world of  the stream suddenly becomes insignificant, and then the river is dwarfed by the ocean and  the  ocean by they  sky, and on  beyond our atmosphere, making the sky  itself seem small, a billion billion points of light are shining out  of an endless sea and we are all very  insignificant  little beings indeed.

So maybe that’s why there are so many ‘little people’ stories.  We are little people.

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