The argument, which I’ve seen many times on Facebook, today  was hardly  unique, was between  idealism and pragmatism, as if the two were polar opposites, which they are not.

It would be very pragmatic of us to have an ideal society.  A utopian society.  There’s another word that gets mocked and maligned.  A utopian society, an ideal society.  This is a worthy goal.
Here’s how I see it.  Good is better than bad, in the same way that healthy is better than sick, smart is better than stupid, beautiful is better than ugly, strong is better than weak.  Nobody would ever willingly choose the opposite.  So, why would people say we should settle for a less than ideal, a flawed society over a perfect one.  Why would anybody choose the bad over the good?

If you are not an idealist, if you are not a utopian, then what you’re saying is that a less good society is better than a perfect one.  That is just an absolutely ass backwards viewpoint.

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