The President’s Wife is Missing

Not really.  She hasn’t appeared in public for almost three weeks, but she’s tweeted and said she’s in the White House, recovering from an  operation, which is probably true because she did just have  an  operation.  Nonetheless, 3 weeks (it’s actually, now, 19 days) is a long time for somebody who is in the  public eye as much as she is.  And, according to  the laws  of  nature, wherever there is a lack of information, rumors will flood in to fill the void.  Has she been abused? (not out of the question), has she moved back to New York?, was the operation actually a facelift?, has she been abducted by aliens?
Actually, I’m inclined to take her tweets at their word, in this case, but I’m short of a blog topic and let’s talk about Melania while we’re at it.  She  is the most popular of the Trump family, by far.  Most everybody is  willing to forgive the fact that she’s a gold-digging, social climbing slut puppy.  The left because we forgive stuff like  that, the right  because  she’s one of  their own.  And therein lies my problem  with her.  She is not an innocent victim of an evil, old man, she is not trapped in this marriage.  She could, at this point in her life, divorce him and get very wealthy in the process.  But, no, she plays the role of supporting  wife, which means her politics are probably just as vile and racist as his.  Like Eva Peron,  she has not  so much forgotten where she came from as just put it as far out of her mind as possible.
Sure, she’s a pretty woman, and I suppose was very sexy  in  her youth.  Sure, she has faced challenges in her life and become very successful.  But she’s totally on board with right wing tyranny, and that is  not O.K.

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