Friday is the Spring of the Week

Friday afternoon is the spring of the week, because the  workweek, which is  the  winter of the week, is just ending, and you are full of anticipation for the weekend, aka the summer of the week.  That’s why it’s my favorite time of  the week.
My kid lessons went fairly well this afternoon.  It’s always  a fine  line knowing how strict to be, to what extent am I a teacher and to what  extent am I a  baby sitter, a hired clown.  Today, though, they were being reasonably  good, they were giving stupid answers, but they were giving answers, they were playing the game.  So, about halfway through, I decided to quit while I was ahead and let hem play the game they wanted, which was  just to have one kid draw  something on the blackboard and  the first one to guess what it is draws the next picture.  Kind of  slow  and inefficient as a language  lesson, but they enjoyed it.

Then, we went out for pizza for dinner.  Outdoor dining, now, of course, a perfect night for it (It rained this afternoon, it may rain again tonight. We are between rains)
I thought I was going somewhere with this, but that’s my blog for tonight.

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