Time Travel

To tell you the truth, I believe it’s one of the scientific impossibilities, like faster than light travel.  However, it makes for a rollicking good sci-fi story, when it’s done right.  I’ve enjoyed the comedies, Back to the Future, Bill and Ted, and so on.  I’ve enjoyed the more serious attempts.  The Star Trek episode where Kirk goes back to depression era Chicago and falls in love with Joan Crawford.  Even Superman traveled  back  in time, but that was stupid.  In fact, the whole Superman story was stupid.
Anyway, it blends history with science-fiction, which is like the peanut butter and chocolate of genres that I like.  Right at the moment I am watching two back to back time travel programs, it’s like  a four hour binge and everybody else in the house is  asleep.  The thing is, I’m not really sure about either one.
The first is called Outlander, I think, about a 20th century (40s and 50s) woman who has somehow been transported back to 18th century Scotland, where she’s trying to prevent the battle of Culloden Moor, and seemingly not doing a great job of it, but it’s really not so much about time travel as it is just about her surrounded by men in kilts who talk about honor and Scotland and stuff and are led by her truly buff husband.  It’s got interesting characters and the battle  sequences are quite exciting, but they almost never show her in the 20th century and I still don’t understand how she got there.
The one I’m watching at the moment, called Time Travelers, is a bunch of people  who travel back to our present from the future, because the future’s all messed up and they want to repair that, like in 12 Monkeys.  They inhabit the bodies of people who are about to die, so they’re not really  doing anybody a disservice, except there are people who know them and so  it gets confusing.  There’s the couple from the future, but he (his host body) has a wife who’s also not half bad, and she has a tyrannical ex-husband.  There’s the guy in the body of a high school student, so high school stuff, and another whose host is a heroin addict, and another who was retarded and her poor social worker has no idea what to make of it.  But, it’s basically an excuse for action adventure as they run around rescuing kidnapped kids and preventing terrorist attacks and getting weird messages from girl scouts who talk like robots.
It’s O.K., but I wish they’d show how their future is messed up and just what is their long term plan for saving it.

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