The Ridiculous Defense of Alex Jones

I couldn’t write my blog last night because the internet conked out and then it was super slow, like to the point of not working, all morning.  I’d get two posts, but even responding to those took forever, and didn’t always take at all.  However, of course, when it finally returned some time shortly after noon, I realized I  hadn’t actually missed any news at all.
The world keeps turning, the wind keeps blowing, it had rained a bit and now is cooler, and almost all of the things that happen happen when we are not looking.
Anyway, the funniest news I saw today, even if not the most significant, was Alex Jones trying to explain how he doesn’t watch tranny porn (I suspect that means Chicks with  Dicks, but this was never specified) on his phone while actually delivering his show:

“There’s two types of people: people that look at porn and people that lie about it,” Alex Jones said. “I wasn’t looking at porn on my phone. I don’t take phones on air that I look at porn on.”

First of all, if he’s saying there are two kinds of people in the world, and he’s not the kind who’s looking at it, then he must be the kind who is lying about it, which means he’s looking at it, which is a paradox.  In his defense (sort of), he did say that he wasn’t looking at porn on his phone, that he had in the studio.  He went on to say “It was just a pop up, I get sex sites popping up all the time, it’s probably happened 500 times, it happens to everybody.
No, not everybody, Alex.  These ads don’t come out of nowhere.  500 times means you are a regular customer with a credit card.  That seems pretty clear.

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