It’s the Perjury

I hate to be writing about the Kavanaugh case again, but a quick perusal of Facebook, my usual source for news, indicates that nothing else of significance is happening in the world.  800 dead in Indonesia? eh, whatever.
The sex charges are all he said, she said, and she also said, and her, too, and maybe a couple of  others, but there’s no video, and even that is not enough to convict these days.  Police get away with murder all the time despite being filmed doing it.
So, we all know he’s guilty, but can’t do  anything about it.  Except for the perjury.  That’s a much more easily provable charge, and there’s a ton of it.
The yearbook stuff, for starters.  Everybody knows what the verb ‘to Ralph’ means, and I’m sure nobody thought it had anything to do with his sensitive stomach.  Also, it doesn’t matter whether he ever had beer poured into his asshole – boof does not mean fart, so he lied about that.  Also, Renate alumnus.  Renate, who didn’t know  about the yearbook slander until just now, says he never got anywhere with her.  So, that was a lie, but in the yearbook, so, not under oath.
There were many others.  “Never drank on weekdays,” is contradicted by his own calendar, as is “never attended a gathering like that.”  My personal favorite is when he said he hadn’t listened to Ford’s testimony before appearing to give his semi-coherent, embarrassing defense.  He was listening to it, in  the Dirksen building, with lots of other people present, who have called him on it.  Boom, that’s perjury.  That’s enough to block him from the Supreme Court, that’s enough to get him disbarred and make him lose the judgeship he’s got now.  This would be an eminently satisfactory result.
There’s other stuff, too, from before.  E-mails about government employees, torture, political shenanigans, stuff like that, dating back the the early 2000s.  Stuff he’s lied about, at various times.  Under oath.  That’s perjury.  They should nail his ass for that.  Because they can.

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