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Last night I didn’t sit down to start writing my blog until almost 1 a.m., partly because I couldn’t think of a good topic, and partly because I was watching some cool stuff on TV about aliens, which  I’d seen before but it is a very good series, mixing in real science with a compelling story line just the way I like it.  So, when I went to write my blog, suddenly I couldn’t access the internet at all.
That happens sometimes, but most of the time when it happens it seems to be about 1 a.m., and just at the time I’m starting to write my blog.  If I were a more paranoid, conspiracy minded person than I am, I might thing that Mark Zuckerberg and the powers that be are out to get me.  But, I’m sure there’s a more rational explanation.  I’m just not that important.  Which  makes me a little bit jealous sometimes of my Facebook friends who make posts saying “I’m back, I was just blocked from Facebook for a month for posting controversial material” and I think “Damn, I’m more controversial than they are” but that’s not really what it’s about.  They have more followers.  Also, I may feel a bit envious, but I don’t actually want to be banned, at all.

You know who should be banned?  Not from Facebook, although I’ll bet he has an account, but from public office.  Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State and candidate for governor.  He’s managed to put aside 53,000 voter registration applications (70% of them from black people), thus giving him a huge leg up in his run for governor against Stacey Abrams, a black woman.  53,000 is no small amount.  That’s easily enough to swing a close election, and even enough to override a fairly substantial Abrams win.  If he manages to get away with this, she will have to win by an absolute landslide in order to win.
Now, it would be nice to think that the honest, upstanding citizens of the Peach State would rise up in anger and give Abrams that landslide, but I don’t think that’s likely.  Kemp’s supporters, his hard core base, are gun toting, bible quoting, Trump adoring Hillbilly extras from the set of Deliverance, and they are perfectly happy with preventing black people from voting.  There must be lawsuits, and there must be lawsuits now.  November will be too late.

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