Was JFK Killed Because of Aliens?

O.K. here’s a conspiracy theory I’d never heard before:  On November 12th, 1963, 10 days before he was shot, President Kennedy wrote a letter to the CIA requesting everything they knew about UFOs and also requesting they share their information with NASA.
Now, this letter was declassified in 2010, but I’m just hearing about it now, watching a program about UFOs, but that’s the thing about waiting 50 years to declassify something, nobody’s really paying attention any more.
I guess the implication is that the CIA thought, “Uh-oh, that Kennedy fella is getting close to the truth, maybe we’d better whack him,” but there are several reasons I’m skeptical about this.  Just because he wrote such a letter doesn’t mean that was the reason for his assassination.  People had all sorts of reasons to kill Kennedy.  The Florida Cubans were pissed off about the Bay of Pigs, the Mafia might have wanted him dead, either because he was threatening to prosecute some of them or because he was shtooping Sam Giancanna’s girlfriend.  Even if people from the CIA wanted him dead, it probably had more to do with Cuba, or Viet Nam, or something else, other than aliens.
To believe that the CIA killed Kennedy because he wanted info about UFOs, you have to assume that the CIA had information they didn’t want to share with the President of the United States about ALIENS, and the only reason they might have for doing that is if there actually ARE aliens among us, and the CIA is covering for them.  I am always suspicious of the CIA, I think they are a horrible organization which deliberately sows discord and starts wars at the whim of American corporations, but I’m just not seeing the motive here.
I hold with the notion that it was forces within the military industrial complex who felt Johnson was more reliably war-like.
But, it could have been aliens.

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