Small Victories

I got my best time ever in Sudoku today and wrote two short poems.  That’s about it, but I think it puts the day in the positive category.  The Sudoku thing happened this morning, when I had a short window as the person I was waiting to meet was stuck in traffic.  The phone was already in my hand, and it has sort of become a habit.  I didn’t really expect to finish before she arrived, especially when I saw the puzzle.  It looked damned near blank.  But,  one space followed another, everything clicked, and I finished, just as she arrived, in 8 minutes and 40 seconds.  Hardly a record, there are lots of people on that site who are finishing them faster, but a personal best is a personal best.
The two poems, likewise, were nothing Earth shattering, but I liked both of them well enough.  The first was inspired by a photograph a friend posted, a full moon over Old Town Square, and he talked a bit about how the full moon after the Harvest Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon, because the original inhabitants of North America saw that as the time to go out and stock up on meat for the winter.  Makes sense.  Also, it made a nice poem.
The other one was short, and rather grim.  It was about the end of the world  which, as I believe I have mentioned before on this blog, is imminent.  Seriously.  Twelve years is not a long time, especially as we don’t seem to be taking any concerted action.    The EU did pass a fairly strict anti-plastic law recently, but that’s far from enough.

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