Mid-Term Madness

Tomorrow are the American mid-term elections and so that’s all  anybody on my Facebook page is talking about.  It’s worse than Halloween or Mother’s Day or any of those days were everybody’s talking about the same thing.  At least with Halloween it leads to some good photos, what with the costumes and all.

That may sound a bit cynical.  Of course it’s important, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, I’m not disputing that.  But, we have to be prepared to continue the struggle where there are losses, and we have to be prepared to continue the struggle where there are victories, and there are bound to be some of each.

Yes, I’d like to see a blue wave (defined as Democrats taking both the House and the Senate) but I’ll be surprised if it happens.  The Democrats haven’t really done anything to MAKE it happen.  They’ve just counted on their usual whining at everybody to get out and vote, and hoping that everybody who thinks Trump is really horrible will get out and vote, and that will be enough.
If they’d embraced universal health care, if they had moved forward with some kind of impeachment attempt, if they had fought Trump’s military budget instead of adding to it, they’d be in a lot better shape right now, but that’s just not the way they roll.  Certainly in Missouri, where the Democratic candidate is running on a platform of “I work very well with Trump,” Democrats have no reason to be enthusiastic.
So, we will see.   I fully expect to see skullduggery rear it’s ugly (think Ted Cruz ugly) head.  If O’Rourke or Abrams lose, I will be certain cheating has happened.  The Democrats need to be ready to fight some of these races in court, and not just blame it on Russia this time.

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