The Blue Trickle

It was less of a blue wave than it was a mixed bag.  Enough for all sides to claim victory, enough for all sides to be disappointed in defeat.  Sure, Democrats won control of the house and that’s something, but Nancy Pelosi has already announced that the Democratic party has no plans to do anything radical with that victory, such as opposing Trump.
Sure, Beto O’Rourke came close and all, but he still lost.  I hear all sorts of people talking him up this morning as a potential presidential candidate in 2020.  What kind of bone-headed logic is that?  You wouldn’t bet on a boxer who’d lost his last fight, would you?  If the Democratic party wants to win in 2020, they should look to the Senator from Vermont, who was re-elected to a 3rd term with 80% of the vote, or the Hawaii congresswoman who carried her district with similar numbers.
The one Democrat I respect more today than yesterday is Stacey Abrams, who is refusing to concede.  They have done everything possible to cheat her out of a fair election, and she is not backing down.  I wish O’Rourke and Gillum had responded similarly.
It was a big night for identity politics, for sure.  First lesbian Native American congresswoman, first Muslim congresswoman, first openly gay governor, youngest congresswoman ever, etc…  They’ve put together memes of this.
It’s not really a bad thing, in the signs and omens of our changing society sort of way, but it is not the point.  I have been hearing a lot of talk today about how over 100 women were elected to congress, and I’d like to think that represents change, but…not all of those 100 women were progressives, and not all are even Democrats.
In short, I think Democrats missed the point in a lot of ways during this election, and that’s why they didn’t do better.  It should have been  a blue wave.  It should have been a slam dunk.  But the Democrats didn’t put forth a vision, they didn’t come out full-throated for health-care, or a higher minimum wage, or saving the environment.
So, all they got was a blue trickle.  Which is about all they deserved.

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