Stage 2

While planting massive numbers of trees will go a long way to cleaning up the environment, cost very little money, and have lots of side benefits, it is still  only part 1 of the solution to our environmental predicament.
Part 2:  The oil and coal industries need to die.  Completely.  They are the ones who are destroying the planet and they must be stopped.  This will not be as economically wrenching as the oil and coal industries spend huge amounts of money to make us believe.  It will  be a bit of an inconvenience for their major executives and share holders, who will  have to spend an afternoon or two thinking about where to invest their millions and billions of dollars, but it won’t be a serious problem for them, because once you have millions  of dollars, there are investment opportunities all over the place.  The employees of  those industries will be able to find work in whatever industries replace them: manufacture and installation of solar and wind panels, engineers, ticket takers and stewards on the new, glitzy high speed railways, electric car mechanics, and so on.
The average person will save a lot of money, because petrol  is expensive and only going to get more so, as we reached peak oil probably  a couple of decades  ago, and now they’re having to poison the ground with chemicals just to extract it.
And we’ll  save  money on health care and live longer, because the air will  be cleaner.  Win-win all around.

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