Tulsi’s Awesome Tweet

Normally, when I see headlines saying “Mic drop” or “totally eviscerates” with regard to some tweet somebody has tweeted, I don’t even bother looking because every time you do, you see some tweet that’s bland as bland and the headline is just clickbait.  Come right down to it, it’s a little  bit ridiculous that twitter threads get covered as news items at all.  The fact that people talking about the news is news is a bit too meta, and taken out to the old reductio ad absurdem will lead to articles about people talking about articles talking about people talking about articles talking  about people talking about articles.

However, this was an exception, and a true evisceration,  a spitting and gutting, a tweet that’s short and sweet and full of so  much truth that there’s no coming back  from it.  I refer, of course, to Hawaii congresswoman and potential first Lady President of the U.S. Tulsi Gabbard’s “Hey @realdonaldtrump: being Saudi Arabia’s bitch is not ‘America First'”
Of course, it is an attention grabber that she used a bad word.  Our soft spoken aloha lady, sweet as Hawaiian cane sugar, whose usual  tone of voice is  a near whisper and never says  a  bad thing about anybody, called Donald Trump a bitch, in  the sense of prison bitch, sycophant, whatever it is that Smithers  is to Burns.  At first I didn’t even  believe it. I thought, ‘No, that must be a fake  account,’ but apparently  I was wrong.
It’s all good.  In  fact it’s awesome.  The words were correct, they were  appropriate, and they were well timed.  Trump could say “I’m not their bitch, I’m not their bitch” but nobody would believe him.
Tulsi Gabbard should be Speaker of the House.  That’s the kind of leadership the Democrats need.  I’ve heard some people  say that that would not be a good political move, that Speakers of the House never go on to become president, which isn’t entirely true.  It hasn’t happened since James K. Polk, and never happened before him, either, but there’s no  rule against it.  Before Trump, no illiterate reality show host had ever been elected President.  And yet, there he is.

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