The Good is Getting Better

This is a morning make-up blog, which is a bit awkward after I’d just bragged to one of my Facebook friends that I write a blog a day but it happens sometimes, I was staring blankly at the screen and couldn’t think of a good topic, so went to bed.  Part of the problem, I suppose, is that I’m always looking for the zinger, and sometimes the zinger does not come.
Anyway, last night I dreamed I was writing my blog (also that I was a spy type walking with Will Smith through an all black shopping mall, with some very fancy restaurants, and the service was just as indifferent as anywhere else, I was pretty much ignored entirely), but in the part where I was writing my blog I had a topic, which wasn’t an amazing or original topic, and I can’t remember anything of what I wrote, but the topic was that for all of our complaining about the flaws of social media, and how often it lets us down with computer glitches and such, there are moments when it astounds us, and not only should we focus more on those, in the same way we should focus on love over hate or beauty over ugliness or good over bad, but these moments are going to increase as the technology gets better and better.

I read a great quote by Bill  Murray yesterday.  He said that in every Olympic event they should have one normal  person competing, for reference.  Good point. When you’re watching brilliance competing with brilliance constantly, you tend to forget how bland and uninspiring everyday life can be.

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