Christmas in Hell

NASA has landed another robot on Mars, and this one will drill into the red planet about 5 meters, giving us information we never had before, and it didn’t take long before I  saw a comment on Facebook along the lines of “They should be exploring the Earth.”  To all of the morons who share that opinion:  NASA’s job is space exploration, and they do an absolutely amazing job on a shoestring budget.  Get out there and explore the Earth your own damned self, it’s right outside your front door.

Just watched the latest episode of my favorite TV program, Humans, which is not  about humans, it’s about Androids.  It’s pretty  good  as action adventure, and speculative drama, but as far as science goes, it jumped the shark long ago.  The  little boy android is ridiculous.  He’s been  conscious exactly  as long as the adult androids, and has the same programming, so why does he draw, and talk, and play games like a little kid?  It’s just dumb.

In other news, Melania Trump is catching flak, for the 2nd year in  a row, for her absolutely hideous taste in Christmas decorations.  A hallway lined with blood red Christmas trees like an evil hellscape. I’ve seen  people comparing it to The Shining, and The Handmaid’s Tale, and uncooked hamburger.  Also, the Eagle gracing the top of another tree looks a hell of a lot like a Nazi eagle.  Weird.
Some people, of course, are saying that we shouldn’t be criticizing her over her choice of Christmas decorations, saying ‘That doesn’t make her a bad person.’
Of course not.  And it doesn’t make her a bad person that she was a nude model who married the richest American she could find.  A girl’s gotta eat, a girl makes choices, and as  long as nobody else gets  hurt, it’s none of anybody else’s business.  It doesn’t make her a bad person that she plagiarized a couple of speeches here and there.  Incompetent,  maybe. A bit lazy, but not truly evil.
What makes her a bad person is that after she visited a children’s prison in Texas, she put on a jacket that had the words “I Don’t Really Care, Do U?” on the back, and made sure all the camera people saw it.  She might as well  have stood there with her middle finger held high.
Yes, she is a bad person.  She has the same monstrous, anti-human values as her piece of shit husband.  So, we’re mocking her for her shitty taste in Christmas decorations.  It’s nowhere near the contempt she deserves.

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