Every night as I struggle to figure out what topic  to write my blog about (which is by far the hardest part of writing a blog) I ask my wife “what should I write about?”  I never write about that, because she always says something boring that I’m not interested in, but tonight I am REALLY stuck for a topic, so yoga it  is.
I’m quite skeptical about yoga, it strikes me as aerobics for lazy people, and she isn’t much more into it herself.  She’s signed up for  yoga once a week, but she often ‘forgets.’
I remember one time I went to a yoga session in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t the fitness center kind of yoga, the guy was from India and all full of how long he could meditate for, as if that was a real accomplishment, and I totally failed at the crossing my legs part.  I suffered through the session and never went back.
Meditation is another thing, and I doubt if that is a major factor of the type of yoga Helena does at all.  I’m skeptical about that too, but it certainly seems to work for some people and it’s hard to argue with the idea that , when you’re stuck, you should take some quiet time and just think about stuff.  Like the pie scene in Men in Black II, or maybe III, did they make 3?  I don’t know, but I think so.

Another thing I’d just like to mention tonight, although I don’t really have more to say than one comment and that’s not quite enough for a blog, but re Donald Trump’s comment that his payoffs to hookers were ‘private transactions.’  You know what else is a private transaction?  If I go  over to my friend’s house and buy a honking big bag of weed because I want to get stoned af.  “Private transaction” doesn’t mean they can’t throw you in jail for it.


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