Purity is a Good Thing

Whenever we (of the Berniecrat persuasion) say we will not vote for candidates who accept donations from oil companies, or pharmaceutical companies, or PACs who essentially are fronts for the oil and pharmaceutical companies, the DNC accuses us of wanting ‘purity tests.’  And they say it in a sneering tone of voice.
When we say that we won’t vote for a candidate who doesn’t support universal, single-payer health care, or when we say we won’t vote for a candidate who  doesn’t support a Green New Deal, they sometimes call it a litmus test, which they object to just as strenuously as a purity test.
How, then, would they have us vote?  They are saying “Do not pay attention to which policies the candidates support.  Do not pay attention to where they get their money.”
Well, screw that.  We have a right to know how they voted on every issue, we have a right to know who they’ve received money from, when, and in what amounts, and the ‘purity tests’ they are objecting to so strenuously are only the tip of the iceberg.
All persons holding public office should be automatically  audited by the IRS, every year.  Their offices should have cameras and recording devices.  TV crews should be following  them around 24/7, like on reality TV.
Would this discourage people from running for public office? Some.  Mainly it would discourage those who are running for public office so they can get rich by accepting bribes.
Which would leave the public to choose between candidates who may have different views (no avoiding that) but who, at least, all have the public interest at heart.

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