Just saw Aquaman.  It was not bad, it was fun, it was a typical superhero movie with almost non-stop fighting and some cool special effects.  I’d rate it as a “wait for it to come to television and you won’t really be missing anything, but go ahead and see it at the movies if you really enjoy going to the movies.”
The original plan was to go see Mary Poppins’ Reven…. no, wait, it’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” I think, which I thought was kind of a ridiculous choice as she’s never seen the original yet, but then, after my  wife had left the house, Isabel said “or we could see Aquaman” which I was perfectly happy with.
Then, she pulled a fast one on me.  I suppose it  may have been an  honest mistake, but we’re in line waiting to get our tickets for the 6 o’clock show and I see on the char.t that that’s the dubbed version.  If I’d insisted on seeing it in English, we would have had to wait two hours and I figured it was really her night out anyway and I could look at it as a Czech lesson.
Which it was.  I understood what was going on, and could figure out most of what they were saying, because superhero movies  are super formulaic.
So, in summation, go see it…or don’t.  Whatever.

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