Glad Shutdown’s Over, Pelosi Still Sucks

O.K., the shutdown is over, the U.S. government will reopen (for 3 weeks at any rate ), and I’ve seen some media outlets hailing Nancy Pelosi as a political genius.   She is not a political genius.  The shutdown lasted longer than a month, and Nancy Pelosi didn’t actually do anything, except to be there at the beginning of it and to still be there at the end of it.  Democratic loyalists are willing to give her points just for not being Donald Trump, and that’s not enough.
They are saying that it’s because Pelosi wouldn’t let him deliver his State of the  Union speech.  I doubt that.  Addresses in front of Congress is not his favorite method of communication.
Pelosi sure is supporting Trump in his failed attempt to pull  off a coup in Venezuela.  Most of the Democrats are.  I’m very happy that Tulsi Gabbard was  swift and firm (and somewhat humourous) in her objection to it.  Basically, she said if American’s are going to interfere in Venezuela, they can shut the hell up forevermore about Russian interference in American elections.
Which I think is not a real thing, anyway.  Oh, we know about the troll farm in St. Petersburg, and the Satan arm wrestling with Jesus meme, but that hardly proves government level collusion.  We know Maria Butina donated at lot of money to the NRA, they have gun nuts in Russia, too, apparently, but it’s not her fault the NRA turned around and donated that money to the GOP.
Of course, the Mueller report should come out soon, and maybe we’ll see more.  Maybe not.  In any event, they’ve already got enough to impeach.  Unless and until Nancy Pelosi moves to do that, she get no credit at all from me.

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