Literary Lavatory

Just came from a poetry reading, a new series, at least for me, called Literary Lavatory, and it seems to be a winner.  It always surprises me how English language poetry reading keep springing up around Prague.  You’d think, what with English language poets living in Prague being a subset of a subset with neither subset being that large to begin with, that they would all have the same people attending them, but there is surprisingly little Venn overlap.
The thing I liked about this one is that it was set in a back room, away from the bar, which you get at the Spit it Out readings at A Maze in Tchaiovna as well, but they’re in the middle of changing location and I don’t know when, or if, they’ll start with the poetry readings again.  It is definitely not the case at Ad Astra.  There were just enough chairs to go around, there might have been one or two people sitting on the floor at times.
There was no proper stage but the room was small enough that it seemed logical for everybody just to read from where they were sitting, and it led to a lot of back and forth conversation after each poem and I was surprised.  A lot of people are listening, a lot of people are thinking, a lot of people had a lot of interesting ideas on a lot of subjects.
Then I walked home from there because it isn’t really that far and it’s terribly scenic.  This is a very normal, ordinary neighborhood I live in, but the lights as seen from across the river are spectacular.

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