The Youth Vote

I am still a supporter of Tulsi Gabbard .  Although I love Bernie Sanders, and think he has earned a place in history as the starter of the great progressive revival which is going to stop global warming and save the planet, and do all sorts of other cool stuff along the way to make human civilization better, she has made an end to regime-change wars her central issue, and has also come out strongly for the legalization of marijuana and recently took a stand for the legalization of prostitution as well, which I’m all for.  Also, I think it would be cool to have a woman president.
But, Bernie has exploded out of the gate.  As a candidate, he is a force of nature, a phenomenon.  Bar cheating (and, oh boy, is there going to be cheating) Bernie will win the nomination, and the presidency, easily.

There is one thing he’s got going in his favor, even more than in 2016: social media.  Not that it wasn’t a factor in 2016.  It’s just even more so now.  The internet is growing all the time.  Newspapers haven’t grown for the last 30 years.  TV has grown, exploded really, but the number of people getting their news from TV is not increasing.  Probably shrinking.  Also, mainstream media’s credibility is in the toilet.  Half of their news shows are entertainment shows, and even labeled as such.
Also, people who were 17 and unable to vote in 2016 will be 21 in 2020.  They, and people who will be 20,19, and 18 will be voting for the first time in a presidential election.  And they love Bernie.  (and Tulsi, but Bernie getting all the noise)  Also, four years worth of old farts who have never sent an e-mail will drop off the chart at the other end.

It is statistically almost inevitable that there will come a year when social media is more decisive than mainstream media in the nomination and election of a president.  I hope it will  be 2020.

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