We are the sum of what we think and do, and a lot of that is just distraction.
Yesterday, there was the big Facebook blackout, which I only realized this morning was system wide.  I thought I was being singled out and felt a great deal of self-righteous paranoia.  But, there was also a moment in there when I thought “O.K., if I’m blocked from commenting on Facebook, maybe I’ll find other things to do with my time, maybe I’ll start getting some things done.  I have poems to write, lessons to plan, and books to read.”  It was momentary, of course, and faded like a dream as soon as I got up in the morning and Facebook was back to normal.
It is sort of like marijuana.  Every now and then, I take a few days off, maybe even a week or two, to clear my head, and lungs.  I always tell myself that it will be a good time to get things done (poems written, books read, lessons planned, etc.) and it never happens.  I just spend more time watching TV and my Facebook comments get a little bit more barbed, and cynical.
Spent a bit of time browsing Netflix today.  Abandoned The 100 mid-episode because it was so stupid (the episode were they all eat some hallucinogenic plant and start seeing hallucinations which are all too neat as plot devices.  Really, the writers could have done a much better job of portraying hallucinations.  Like, it was especially absurd when Bellamy got the shit kicked out of him – by his hallucination. Hallucinations may seem vivid, but they do not actually manifest in the physical world)  So, I watched a couple of old episodes of Deep Space Nine instead.  Meaningless entertainment disguised as science fiction was replaced by slightly less meaningless entertainment with a bit thicker veneer of science fiction.
Still not getting stuff done.  We are, indeed, the sum of our distractions.

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