Poetry is Back Underground

The Ad Astra poetry readings are no longer at Ad Astra, which is kind of a shame, I rather liked the place, but so far (as of one reading) I like the new place O.K., too.
Unlike Ad Astra, the unoriginally but entirely accurately named Cafe Souterrain is in a classic, traditional, Czech brick cellar, which I think should be legally mandated for all poetry readings.

Nice space for it, just about the right amount of seating to be a little crowded.  Good stage, good sound.  The only down side is that it is a regular, happening pub and there was quite a bit of chatter bleeding in from the other rooms.  Not so much that anybody was unheard.  Well, there was the British lady, because she was speaking very softly, but I could even sort of hear her and I liked her stuff.
I was quite pleased with all three of my poems, two of which I just wrote today.  That is the main thing about poetry readings.  I can write to a deadline.  I really have a hard time writing without one.
Also, though, I talked with someone, and we’re planning an artistic collaboration which I don’t want to jinx by talking about it yet.  That was the most amazing development of the evening.

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