Parellels and non-Parallels

The Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, richest man in the world (who just paid out $35 billion in a divorce settlement and is probably still the richest man in the world), and financially supported by the CIA, has just run a ridiculous hit piece on Bernie Sanders, calling him ‘the Donald Trump of the left.’
It includes this passage: “Fundraising and polls show that many Democrats think the best answer to an angry old white guy with crazy hair, New York accent and flair for demagoguery is, well, another angry old white guy with crazy hair, New York accent and flair for demagoguery.”
It’s partly true.  They are both angry old white guys with crazy hair and New York accents, except that Bernie is angry about economic injustice, and Donald Trump is angry that black people exist.

Also, the bit about Bernie being a demagogue is made up nonsense.
Whereas Donald Trump makes use of bombastic statements, buzz words, racist dog whistles, and pig ignorance to whip up his followers into a lather, Bernie Sanders lists his topics, give logical arguments in favor of them, cites statistics, and explains how everything will be paid for – it’s pretty much the exact opposite of demagoguery.

Some other differences between the two:  Bernie has been a mayor, a congressman and a Senator.  He excelled in every position, and is the most popular politician in the United States.  Donald Trump had never held any public office at all before becoming president.  While Donald Trump is younger by a couple of years, Bernie is way fitter.  While Trump plays golf, and reportedly cheats at it, Bernie shoots hoops.

It’s true that they both talk with a New York accent (they both say yuge instead of huge), but it is not the central word in Bernie’s vocabulary.  Also, he can pronounce the word ‘origins.’

Trump thinks windmills cause cancer.  Bernie is not an idiot.

He is not the Donald Trump of the left.  There is no Donald Trump of the left.  The left doesn’t have that shit.

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