More on Assange

More on Julian Assange.  What’s the charge, the real charge.  It’s certainly not the sexual impropriety, that’s been dropped and it was kind of embarrassingly overblown from the get go.  It’s not even about the leaked Hillary stuff, although that’s why all the Hillary people are very happy to see him go to jail.  Bitter lot, those Hillary folks.
It’s about the war crimes tapes, from back in 2010.  Which proved that U.S. soldiers committed war crimes in Iraq.  On camera.  Caught red-handed.
Now, a lot of people are saying that they think he should be charged, for hacking into U.S. government secrets.  Which Assange did not do, as he just accepts material from others and publishes it.  After some verification process, of course.  I don’t know what that consists of, exactly, but it’s an effective one because he’s never had to retract a story, which is a far better record than most major media outlets.
But, here’s the way I see it.  Governments keep secrets from their people because governments are screwing their people.  If they weren’t screwing their people, or killing civilians, for sport, by shooting at them from helicopters, for sport, there would be no need for secrets.  Therefore, governments should not have secrets and, if they didn’t, the world would be a much safer, happier place.
So, if a hacker breaks into a government computer, and reveals the nefarious doings of that government, I am all on the side of the hacker, whatever the law says.  Knowledge leads to freedom. Information is knowledge.  Information wants to be free.
Let the cool breeze of revelation drift across all lands.  Let the secrets be revealed.  Let the world breathe again.

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