Hannah Cohen

I don’t write about stories like this too often, because they are so frequent now that we are almost numb to them.  Police murder black people routinely, and don’t face any consequences.  People are beaten up for protesting, or for no reason at all.  Armed soldiers kill children, and doctors, and reporters, and get away with it pretty much every time.
It happened the other day at Memphis airport.  A 19 year old girl, deaf and partially blind due to a brain tumor, was viciously beaten by the TSA people.  You know, the guys who make you take all the change out of your pockets, take off your belt, make you stand with your hands in the air while they run that little light saber toy with the annoying sound around your body.  The guys whose customer service skills couldn’t get them a job at KFC.  Those guys.
What do we do  about those guys.  Once upon a time, the logic was “Put them in the police force.  We need authoritarian types in the police force.  Or in the military.”  And, of course, our police and our military are filled with them.  The problem is, there are just way too many of this kind of people in our society.
People who think it’s all right for somebody with authority to beat somebody, to impose their authority.  Many of them are fathers.  Bad fathers, I’ve no doubt, as their fathers were bad fathers and their fathers were bad fathers, in a line that goes unbroken back to the dawn of mankind.
I don’t really have an answer, but society as a whole needs to change.  More peace and love and helping other people, fewer goons in uniforms intruding into every aspect of our lives.

Basically, Robert Fulghum was right, although not everybody learned that lesson in kindergarten.  Nobody should be hitting anybody.

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