Hiding the McCain

Of course, this is just one more example of childish, small minded, petty and vindictive behavior on the part of Donald Trump.  The list is too long to rehash and it’s clear that this, too, will not be remembered or have a public impact, because we are too used to it.  Things that would have ended any other politician’s career are just another day in the life of Donald Trump.
On his recent trip to Japan, he asked that the American destroyer U.S.S. John McCain be kept out of sight.  He would have preferred that it be out to sea, but it was in for repairs, so the Japanese government (and the captain of the McCain, apparently, Commander in Chief’s orders and all) obliged him by covering up the name of the ship along the side with a cloth, and parking a barge behind it to hide the name on the stern.
Sailors from other U.S. ships in Japan were invited to  see Trump’s speech, but crew members of the McCain were specifically excluded.  Some tried to attend but were turned away.
For the first time in forever I feel sympathy for Meghan McCain.

I try to look back through history to find an example of such an insanely childish action from a world leader.  Certainly no previous U.S. president.  I look back further.  Mass murderers, sure.  Genocidal maniacs.  Ruthless dictators.  But for sheer classlessness, I think you have to go back to ancient Egypt, like about a thousand B.C. or so, when it was a common practice for the new Pharaoh to just change the name of the old pharaoh on all their statues and monuments to their own name.
Admittedly, Trump hasn’t ordered the U.S.S. McCain to be renamed the U.S.S. Donald Trump.  Yet.  I’ll bet he would if he could, though.

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