A Day in Olomouc

I love kids, I really do, and the smallest ones most of all, but on the other hand I am really glad my own are past that stage, to the point where we can leave them by themselves, without too many worries.

Today, Helena and I took a trip to Olomouc.  Just a day trip, because we had coupons for the train ride, and who needs a better reason than that?  I’d never been there before, is also a pretty good reason, I guess.

It was a lovely day.  Had an ice coffee with ice cream, toured a Cathedral – a fairly impressive cathedral, but I got bored with cathedrals a long time age, seen one, seen ’em all, so couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Walked on, saw the David Cerny statue of a cat burglar hanging from a ledge and the cool thing is the it moved along the railing, and its legs swang very convincingly, and they’ve made it a sound show as well, as in occasionally it says things like “Do prdele!”, so   is it high art or low comedy, that is the question.  Carried on through old town square and environs, down an ally of old, brick buildings, and then we had lunch.  Helena wanted something Czech, and nice, but I won out.  So we had Viet Namese, and it was great.  I had noodles with seafood in a curry sauce.  Not the hottest curry sauce I’ve ever had, but it was a big portion and had enough shrimp in it to keep me happy.  Shrimp are to seafood what cashews are to nuts.  Like you’ll order a seafood pizza and it’s all just bloody crab, in the way that mixed nuts are almost all peanuts.  So, if you’re ever in Olomouc, I highly recommend Maison Viet.
To walk that off we went to the Rosarium (Rose Garden) and the Botanical Garden, where we sat by a pool of carp with water lilies and contemplated the many forms of nature.  Continued on, stopped in a mall for a while, because that’s one of the tourist attractions of any city according to Helena, and then jumped on a tram and rode around the city for an hour, seeing sights while resting our feet, and then it was time to head home.
We took the Pendolino, which is like a luxury train, I guess.  It was basically like any other train, but with an air travel theme going on.  You know, snack cart rumbling up and down the aisle, complementary newspapers and bottled water, that sort of thing.
All in all, a beautiful day and well spent.

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