The Debate Lineup

I’ve got no particular beef with the line up for the Democratic debates and, unlike many of my fellow Berners, I’ve no particular beef with Rachel Maddow as a moderator.  Sure, she’s never exactly been pro-Bernie, and she’s sort of a mouthpiece for the corporate state, but aren’t they all?
She is the designated pitcher at a softball tournament.  She will lob softballs at everybody except Bernie, who will accept any pitch and knock it out of the park anyway, because that is what he does.
Sure, I’m a bit bothered not to see Mike Gravel in there, but that is partisanship on my part because I’m not at all upset that such luminaries as Wayne Messam and Seth Moulton did not make the cut.  Personally, I think the whole idea of limiting the numbers was politically foolish, and the basing it on donations basically made it a pay-to-play game, which is wrong, and that the whole thing should have been done more like the early rounds of American Idol, but that’s all over now and we’re not debating that.

UBI computer whackadoodle Andrew Yang will be there, as will self-help guru Marianne Williamson, so there is a chance some interesting new ideas will be presented, someone will come out of nowhere to be a serious contender.
I don’t see any bias or rigging in the draw.  I’m sure the DNC discussed it, but it doesn’t matter what bracket they put anybody in, good answers will win the day.  Bernie will be on the same night as Biden, which is fine.  They’ll each have to answer their own questions anyway.  It’s not as if these debates are actually debates or anything.
Tulsi Gabbard and Elizabeth Warren will be on the first night, and pretty much nobody else of consequence.  Again, Maddow will be lobbing the softballs to Liz, but Liz might well whiff it anyway.  If Rachel asks her about Medicare for All, for instance.  Or why she used to be a Republican.

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