Poems About Paintings

Many years ago, like about 6 or 7, I started a page called “Poems about Paintings,” largely to give myself writing prompts and also because I’ve noticed that nobody pays a damn bit of attention to my poems unless there’s some gimmick, like if they’ve been set to music, or they are illustrated, and then there was my Tarot series which was fairly popular.
It worked real well for a while.  I had a Facebook friend at the time who was posting nothing but art, generally unknown Plein Air (which was a new term for me, but basically it means a landscape artist, painting outdoors) artists, and that was an unending source.  I cranked out a lot of poems, because trees, sailboats, waterfalls all can be symbols of some aspect of our reality, and I use them in other poems as well.  The artists, as a general rule, liked the idea, and the number of people who viewed each poem increased from one to two, me and the artist.
There was a period when Facebook screwed me up, but it was partly my own fault for being inept with computers.  Every time I made an entry, they doubled it.  So, there were two and I’d delete one.  After a couple of weeks I realized that when I deleted one I’d deleted both, and I didn’t have them backed up or stored anywhere.  I lost  about 20 poems that way.
Lately, I’ve been slow about making entries.  I’m using other writing prompts (everything is a writing prompt.  The whole world is a writing prompt)  I’m no longer Facebook friends with that person (Don’t really remember why.  Partly got bored with him, I guess, or maybe it was a political argument), but occasionally I’ll see a painting or a photograph and it will trigger a poem, so I post it.
But the page has become difficult.  I go to it and find it next to impossible to sign in as administrator, to get pictures to upload to the page, or to figure out what people actually see.
That’s how it was last night.  It took me about an hour and then it was only after I’d left a scathing attack on Facebook in the comments section (that definitely included the words “Fuck you,”  that I found the button that let me post, and let me delete that comment, and all was well.
Sometimes it’s good to vent.

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