The Inherent Obnoxiousness of the Centrist Democrat

In 2016, there were those Democrats who constantly said “Vote Blue No Matter Who.”  The problem was, they started in about March, and their comments were specifically directed at Sanders voters, with the assumption that Hillary would be the nominee.
Initially, I agreed with them, and several times (hundreds) responded politely that of course I would, but right now it is (was) primary season, and I intended to support my candidate of choice.  But they continued, apparently not satisfied with my answer, so I eventually changed it to: Fuck you, it’s Bernie or Bust, because you are a bunch of overbearing, obnoxious, gas-lighting control freaks, or else trolls with a contract and I’m not sure which is worse.
And Trump got elected.  They blame us, we blame them.
Now, you’d think the criteria for long term political success would be learning your lesson after a defeat, and I think a perusal of a few political biographies would bear that out, but apparently the “lesson” the Blue No Matter Who brigade “learned” was that they didn’t start early enough.  This election cycle, they started right out of the gate.  We are still 6 months away from the election year even beginning, and 16 months out from the election, but I’m getting at least 10 such messages a day.
They are as ubiquitous as Jehovah’s Witnesses, showing up at rallies and entertainment events and anyplace else they are not wanted.  They are as persistent as a mosquito in your tent with their annoying whine, as loud as the jackhammer outside your bedroom window on the one morning you thought you could sleep in.
The answer, however, is still no.  If the eventual Democratic nominee does not support Medicare for All, saving the planet and converting to a green economy, getting big money out of politics, ending foreign wars, ending private prisons, legalizing marijuana, raising the minimum wage, making universities free, and paying for it all with whopping tax increases for the rich (which is still well short of the guillotines many of us would prefer), we will not support or vote for them.

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