More Debate Analysis

O.K., I watched the debate today, night two anyway, the one with Sanders.
I’d been hearing a lot of people say that Kamala Harris stole the show, and I must admit, she did great.
Perhaps, as a Bernie supporter, I should step back and be supportive, because she whacked Joe Biden up the side of his old man head real good. She said “I don’t think you’re racist” but everything after that was pretty much “You’re a racist” and his answer pretty much confirmed it.  “I never objected to busing, I just objected to busing mandated by the education department.”  Oh.  Maybe he thought we were talking about public transportation (which I’m all for, btw) or the kind of buses that take tourists around.

He’s not going to drop out of the race tomorrow, but if he had any dignity he would.  He sure didn’t pick up any support.  So, that’s a good thing.
What I find disturbing is how many of my Facebook friends are suddenly big Kamala fans.  Did they forget that she tried to keep a man in prison even after he’d been proven not guilty?  Did they forget she lets the cops turn off their body cams?  Should we forget that her office actually issued a statement that they needed to keep people in jail, so the private prisons wouldn’t be deprived of a labor force?  Basically, as A.G., she was sort of a Dolores Umbridge type, but with fewer moral reservations.
It’s disturbing to see how many people can shift so quickly.
One nice speech, and all the horrible shit she’s done is forgotten.

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  1. Maggie Maxwell

    Thanks, Willie. I didn’t know that private prisons thing! I withdraw my support for her as AG. Too creepy!

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