Bernie or Bust, Again

The blue no matter who people who were so obnoxious in 2016 are at it again, and I know  this post will fall  of deaf ears because it’s not as if we haven’t already  told them they are being obnoxious, they just don’t see themselves that way.
But, here’s the deal.  There’s a candidate in the race now that I actually like, and am enthusiastic about, and  he has earned my support.  That, of course, is Bernie Sanders.  I also like Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel but neither one  has a realistic chance of winning.  I probably could be persuaded to like Jay  Inslee, because I agree that saving the planet should be the number one issue, but he also has no realistic chance of  getting the nomination.
If the Democrats (as they seem hell bent on doing) nominate Joe Biden, who hates raves and  marijuana, there will  not be a  candidate in the race who I like.  If they nominate Kamala Harris, who loves private prison and thinks cops should be able to beat the fuck out of anybody they like, and isn’t particularly bothered about priests raping  little boys, either, there will  not be a candidate in  the race who I  like.  If they  nominate Liz ‘see I  can drink beer like a normal person’ Warren, who will  not stand up to the oil companies who are destroying our planet, there will  not be a candidate in the race who I like.  If they nominate Pete  Buttigieg, who was not even  a good mayor of South Bend, Indiana, there will not be a candidate in the race who  I like.  (Yes, Bernie started his political  career  as mayor of Burlington, Vermont.  The difference is  he was kind of spectacular as a mayor.  Turned a dying industrial town into a wonderful  place to live.)  If they nominate Beto O’Rourke, there will not be a  candidate in  the race  who I like, no matter how many burgers he  eats.
I think that about covers it.  And if I don’t like a candidate, I’m not voting for him or her.  That is done.  That argument is over.

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