Prapratno revisited

Tonight’s blog will be a short one because we are camping again, in fact at the same campsite as we did on the way down, it’s a bit more crowded this time than last but the sand beach is still sandy and the clear blue waters of the Adriatic are still clear and still blue.  It is hot as sin but that’s the same everywhere so it’s barely worth a mention. After setting up camp and having a swim we went into the lovely town of ston and I made a pun about the town of ston being a town of stone and Sam, being both literal minded and rather humorless at least as far as his old dad is concerned, pointed out the fact that ston is highly unlikely to mean anything close to stone in any Slavic language. Now, I don’t know if the town is always like this or if there was some festival going on, because the place was packed, parking was not easy at all and when we got a table at our restaurant of choice they said it might be up to an hour before we were served, so we found a different choice. It was great but maybe shrimp local style wasn’t the best option. It was delicious, no doubt about that but a lot of work digging them out of their shells and messy because local style meant tomato sauce, but they did bring a finger bowl with a slice of lemon in it, so I was, and am, a happy camper.

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