Who in the Hell is Mimi Roca?

I need to make a correction to last night’s blog.  Lake Sobec is the kiddie pool lake in the camp where we stayed.  Lake Bled, which is the major attraction and has a castle atop a high cliff overlooking it, is nearby and the town of Bled is on it’s shoreline.  A beautiful place, and deserving of more than the 2 hours we gave it after breaking camp and heading home to Prague.  The chocolate cake was delicious, though.  And I found a lucky penny.

On to tonight’s blog.  A guest on MSNBC, Mimi Roca, uttered this statement, a couple of days ago, live and on the air and without a hint of embarrassment, with regard to the esteemed and widely beloved  Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders:  “I’m not the political analyst here, but just as a woman, probably considered a somewhat moderate Democrat, I… Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl.  I can’t even identify for you what exactly it is. But I see him as sort of a not pro-woman candidate,”

I’ve got a few questions:  If she’s not a news analyst, why is she even being interviewed?  Is she a famous actor?  A singer?  Mixed Martial Arts fighter?  And, if she can’t even identify what it is, shouldn’t she maybe be questioning why she feels like that, rather than just launching into a purely venomous ad hominem, completely fact free, attack?  And does she realize that, even though she was speaking just as a woman, there are millions of other women who would not say the same thing?  And why on Earth does she see him as an anti-woman candidate?  He is staunchly pro-choice, and has been for a long time.  Women would benefit at least as much as much and maybe even more than men by a $15 an hour wage, and Medicare for all, and free college.  These are the kind of tools needed to break through that still intact glass ceiling .

But really, the most important question is the first one.  Who is Mimi Roca and why should we care about her baseless opinion?

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